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About US

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Fortuna Brands is an online sales and marketing company. We promote and sell diverse products that want to take advantage of our high volume customers outreach. We handle sales and marketing contracts on behalf of clients, most with a mixed portfolio of products transacted online 24/7. We work with small-scale retailers and traders in our communication network centred on helping them build their capacity and access to credit.

Our Company

Fortuna Brands exist to enable over 1.6 million small-scale retailers in our communication network to access business initiatives aiming to increase their incomes and enhancing the livelihoods of millions. Adequate communication with our suppliers, buyers, sellers, promoters, making our company more inclusive, helps to secure our essential materials, expands the markets for our products and increases the resilience of our business model in an uncertain world. We are always exploring untaken niche on the market while connecting with those who share an interest in a sustainable future through our communication network. We believe that a sustainable business model can strengthen our business range of vision by helping to drive growth and trust, and make a difference to millions of people’s lives worldwide.


With technology, teamwork, training, increased access to markets and better working approach, we can help millions of people unlock their business potentials and contribute to economic wellbeing through wealth creation, employment and providing access to markets – creating a virtuous cycle of growth driven by our business strategy We use crowdfunding to raise emergency funds for worthy projects with social missions to improve economic conditions and livelihoods of people worldwide.


Our Vision is to grow our business by building on our strengths – combining our scale and expertise with our understanding of consumers in diverse markets to continue providing brands and services that people want and need through our network

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